likeliterallycanyounot whispered: Hey if you have any zombie apocalypse fics to rec me, that'd be great. Any will do. Thanks!

Sure sweets! I answered this question a few weeks ago, so here’s that ask, where you can see the fics I rec’d then. It’s only three, but I admittedly don’t read much Zombie stuff…Any of my other followers got any Zombie recs?


Hope this helps (:


Anonymous whispered: Hey I hope you're having a good day (:

Aw thank you! You too!

I’m sorry for slow updates guys! I’ll get back on track soon. ^_^


Seriously, it's like you're photoshopped. - nevermetawolf - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

"Oh my god," Stiles squeaks out again. "You’re unbelievable."

Hot Bar Guy bobs his head agreeably. “I’ve been told that before, though usually people are more out of breath and less clothed when they say it.”

Or, the Crazy, Stupid, Love AU nobody asked for.

Any Way You Slice It by thebodyeclectic

Wherein Isaac is Derek and Stiles’s feelings child and also everyone thinks the end of their amicable buddyfucking was something out of those CW soaps Stiles swears he doesn’t watch and tries to get them back together.

Right To The Edge With You - GotTheSilver - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Stiles has been told that there’s talk about them. The alpha so addicted to his human that he doesn’t seek a pack. Stiles hates how they make it sound, if Derek’s addicted to him, then Stiles is drowning in Derek.

lost-in-wonderland-love whispered: Your blog is beautiful and you somehow find the most amazing fics. Thank you for being you.

Oh that’s so nice of you! Thank you so much, and thank you for being awesome (:


try to swim and stay afloat - paradis - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

“‘M tired,” Stiles whines. “Derek if I just -“
"No," Derek says. And he says it so simply; it’s not mean or meant to hurt Stiles, it’s just his honest answer. Stiles chokes on a sob. He’s so tired, and all he wants is just one. One shot. He knows he’ll feel better, and he hates Derek for saying no.

Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital - RedBlazer - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Derek raises an eyebrow and points at the closed door. “What were you doing in that line?”

“Oh that.” Stiles says, “That was the syphilis line.”

In which Stiles is a Baby Surgeon, also known as an intern. And Derek operates on actual babies and children.

the-amazing-grey-eyes whispered: Do you know of a fabric were stiles is a demon but no one in the pack knows.

I don’t sweetheart, I’m sorry. There are well over a hundred Demon Stiles fics and I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Have you got any other info you can give?

Or do any of my followers know?


And I’m sorry! :(


Anonymous whispered: Can you direct me to any zombie apocalypse fics you know of??

Sure can sweets! I’ll warn you now I haven’t read most of these, so I’ll specify which one(s) I’ve read, and which I haven’t.

So I did a bit of scrolling and tried to see what I might read/like, and I found these two which I quite liked:

I Will Find You by Neeka

[Not Rated, 49/49 Chapters, 100k+ words, Graphic Violence, and Major Character Death warning]

I decided on this one because I liked the Warm Bodies movie and I like whenever Stiles is the Zombie instead of Derek:

Warm Bodies by Arubi and derekstilinski

[Mature, 6/6 Chapters, 12,027 words, Graphic Violence warning]

And this one I have actually read and quite like (mostly because it’s by Saucery and everything Saucery writes is perfect):

The Quick and the Dead by Saucery

[Mature, Oneshot, 1,728 words, no warning]

Hope you find something you like in this list! :)